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We have pilots come up to us all the time and say, "Oh the LRI is just a stall warner. I already have one on my airplane.  What do I need an LRI for?"

The LRI is far more than a stall warner.

The LRI has been called an angle of attack instrument.  It may be.  The discussion is still open on this.  The LRI does identify the absolute stall angle for any aircraft.

What makes the Lift Reserve Indicator unique is that the LRI integrates angle of attack and airspeed in a single, immediately clear  analog readout.

Angle of attack and airspeed are the two fundamental components of lift. The LRI provides a continuous and steady visual display of the condition of an aircraft's lift throughout its slow speed envelope regardless of the many variables which act upon an aircraft. The LRI also provides a continuous visual reference of an aircraft's margin over stall at any airspeed. This allows a pilot to continuously track his aircraft's performance since the LRI responds instantaneously to pilot control and wind conditions.

What advantage does this give to a pilot?

The LRI is a potentially life saving instrument by keeping him aware of his margin over stall thus increasing precision and confidence for all pilots regardless of number of hours flown and level of skill.

The Lift Reserve Indicator is an investment in performance, safety and economy. The LRI needs only to be scanned once in a tricky situation for its significance to become immediately obvious to anyone flying with it on board.

The LRI is a user friendly instrument which quickly becomes part of a pilot's standard instrument scan. It a backs up instrumentation should they ever fail due to loss of electrical power or bugging of the pitot.

The LRI is inexpensive, easy to install and simple to calibrate and will pay for itself through fuel economy, savings on brake and tire wear and through the increased confidence and peace of mind that precision flying brings to all flying experiences.

The LRI is the only instrument that senses and displays LIFT RESERVE

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